Application Requirements

What To Expect

The following Application process, including supporting documents, must be submitted in FULL:

  1. Completed, digitally signed and dated Membership Application Form
  2. Business Plan for proposed WTC Project, with detailed implementation timeline
    • Building Plans (if available)
    • Architectural Renderings (if available)
    • Site Renderings (if available)
  3. Three Letters of Support that demonstrate community support for and attest to the financial viability of the WTC Project (one of each below):
    • Government Agency (e.g. Mayor, Minister, etc.)
    • Non-Governmental Organization (e.g. Chamber of Commerce, economic development agency, etc.)
    • Financial Institution (e.g. bank) or Certified Public Accounting Agency
  4. Most recent audited Financial Report, plus current year-to-date Financials
  5. Payment in full, plus wire transfer reference number
    • US $300,000Regular Membership
    • US $200,000Satellite Membership
    • US $25,000License Transfer

The WTCA Board gives preference to proposals that equally emphasize Commercial Real Estate and Trade Services.

Organizations/entities (public or private) interested in becoming a Licensed Member of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) must complete the Application for WTCA Membership and License in its entirety and return to WTCA Headquarters with the supporting documents and payment.

Due Dilligence

In addition to the application process above, WTCA undertakes a comprehensive background check through third party agencies on all Applicants. Due diligence fees may apply. WTCA will notify you before these non-refundable charges are incurred.