WTCA Membership Overview

The World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) is the only association with exclusive rights to license 'World Trade Center' and its 'WTC' brands to real estate developers, businesses and communities worldwide.

At the WTCA, we believe our success is tied directly to the caliber of each WTCA Member who is licensed to operate a local World Trade Center (WTC) Facility and Services. Therefore, we are extremely careful about selecting Licensed Members. You choose us to gain competitive differentiation and advantage, and to attract investment. We choose you, as our Licensed Member and Strategic Partner, to grow the footprint and quality of the WTCA Network.

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The WTCA Application process is designed to identify the best candidates for a strong WTC Network:

  • WTC Licenses are granted solely by the WTCA Board of Directors, and are based on goals for the system-wide expansion in targeted markets.
  • We do not offer Licenses to all candidates. Rather, we select the best of qualified candidates for a limited number of License opportunities.

We look for the following attributes in our Licensed Members:

  • Experience and financial ability to implement the proposed WTC Business Plan.
  • Proven expertise in commercial real estate development and management.
  • Market demand for premier commercial properties and trade services in the proposed city.
  • Commitment to boost regional economic growth.
  • Strong support from local government and the business community.
  • Dedication to the proper use of the renowned World Trade Center Brand and Trademarks.
  • Full commitment to the principles of the WTCA as a Member and strict adherence to the WTCA's Bylaws.

To begin the application process, please complete and submit the Expression of Interest Form.

Upon receipt of this form, WTCA will review and respond within one week. Should you meet the preliminary criteria, you will be invited to interview with a WTCA Representative and complete an Application for WTCA Membership and License.