Types of Licenses

Regular membership

Recommended for Most Applicants - For Applicants with ability to establish & operate a World Trade Center Project.

US $300,000

Initiation Fee

Satellite membership

For Applicants who arrange sponsorship through an existing Regular Member in Applicant's requested city.

US $200,000

Initiation Fee

License Transfer

A License Transfer occurs when over 50% of License Ownership is transferred to another legal entity.

US $25,000

Initiation Fee

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WTCA License Applications are reviewed approximately every 90 days by the WTCA Board of Directors.
Full payment must accompany this application.

Regular Membership

Applicants must have the ability to establish and operate a World Trade Center Project according to set WTCA standards. Applicants must demonstrate competence and available resources to establish and operate a World Trade Center real estate project and/or provide trade services within three years of obtaining the license. Applicants for Regular Membership must pay an Initiation Fee, an amount determined by the Board, currently set at US $300,000. Annual Membership Dues are currently set at US $12,500.

Satellite Membership

If you are interested in establishing a World Trade Center Project in a city where an active WTCA Member already operates, you may be eligible for a Satellite Membership. To qualify: the Applicant must meet all Regular Membership criteria; the proposed Satellite facility must be located entirely within the city of the existing Regular Member; the Application must be sponsored by the Regular Member with an active WTC Operation in that city; and the proposed Satellite must have a formal legal relationship with the Regular Member. Unlike Regular Members, Satellite Members cannot vote. Satellite Membership Applications must be submitted by the existing Regular Member for the city in which the Satellite is being sought. The Initiation Fee for a Satellite License is currently US $200,000, which represents two thirds of the Regular Initiation Fee. Annual Membership Dues are currently set at US $12,500.

Transfer of Regular Membership

A Transfer occurs when more than 50% of the license ownership is transferred to another legal entity. Transfers are subject to Board approval. The current Transfer Fee is US $25,000 and is payable to WTCA. The new License owner assumes responsibility for Annual Membership Dues of US $12,500.